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Fence Wrap Demonstrates Cost-Efficiency and Convenience

The use of fence wraps has gained acceptance in the outdoor advertising industry because of outstanding results, convenience and affordability. The fence wrap is used to cover temporary fencing as well permanent fence structures. This is a product designed for events and to advertise your company with a logos, contact details, images and promotions. It also conceals certain areas so exposure is reduced or completely hidden. The three common materials are meshed banner, PVC and polyester fabric. Each category has specific benefits.

Banner Mesh is known for its durability, the reinforced backdrop provides some transparency. It comes available in spools which are up to 50 metre rolls and various heights.  The mesh allow the wind to pass through and minimize pressure on the fence. The material is ideal for temporary and long-term applications. It is suitable for permanent use.  Fence wrap can be PVC Mesh or a polyester Shade Cloth.  Polyester Printed Shade Cloth is available in 50 metre rolls with a height of 1.8 meters. It is finished with button hole edging for easy installation.  Resistance to ultra-violet rays is limited compared to PVC and meshed banners.

Graphic fencing wraps make sure that advertising space is not wasted especially during special events. The fence wrap is a reasonable option for entrepreneurs who want maximum publicity mileage outdoors. It is a way of generating interest among consumers and getting noticed by people. Small business owners can capitalize on outdoor branding and provide exposure for paid event sponsors.

An additional advantage is the ability of the fence wrap to control dust and soil erosion. One variety of this dust control lattice is the shelter type of cloth normally used for massive enclosed sites such as large structures, gyms or airport terminals. The fencing wrap can control dust and prevent it from spreading around the building.

The fence covers are good for marathon races, parades, outdoor concerts, ski events, rodeos, and other big events. These wraps will definitely make the area more vibrant. Fence Wrap is printed digitally so there are no constraints regarding colours and design complications. The fence wrap graphics can be very basic such as a corporate logo on a solid background.

Admesh will provide expert advice and design for your fence wrap requirements and will deliver to Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and throughout New Zealand.

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